How To Train Your Dog To Like Car Rides?

Dogs in most cases have been humans’ best pet. Actually they were the first animals that human beings ever domesticated. Most people have built some personal relationship with their dogs and become so attached to them that they would wish to take them along in their cars.

In this article, we are going to review on various ways you can train your dog to like car rides.

How To Train Your Dog To Like Car Rides

Just like kids, dogs can as well be trained to do some things. Many dogs fear cars and the sight of a moving car scares them leave alone riding in them.

Before taking your dog for a ride, the first thing you should always do is to make sure you familiarize this dog with the inner surrounding of the car. You can always open the car door, take your dog inside then let him walk around. Make sure you praise your dog with every step it makes; this is a sign of motivation.

When you notice your dog is now comfortable with this first step, now it is time to move to the next step. It’s now time to make your dog to jump into the car without you forcing him. You can try this simple trick by throwing the dog’s favorite snacks in the car and let’s see if it will go for it.

While conducting these steps you should always be patient with your dog and try to repeat these steps until he gets used to this procedure. Always make sure you leave the car door open to avoid creating fear and tension.

These procedures can be successful or at times turn out to be unsuccessful. If at all your dog happens to pass this test, make sure you praise him. If it is unsuccessful, don’t lose hope you can always try again by encouraging him.

The next step now is to get inside the car with your dog and this time, close the doors. Don’t drive right away, you can just start the engine, slightly lower the car windows then play some cool music. Always monitor your dog’s behavior and don’t forget to reward him.

Just like humans, some dogs tend to get sick while the car is in motion. They can vomit and the entire trip can be uncomfortable. You can prevent this by not feeding or giving him water some few hours before the journey begins. Also, lower the car window to allow free circulation of air.

Training a dog needs a lot of patience. During the ride, you can place your dog on the crate and give him toys that can distract him. It’s only a matter of time and your dog will get used to car rides.