Children and dogs growing up together – The best experience of your life

It is a known fact that dogs were the first animal that was kept as a pet by a human; and why shouldn’t it be? Dogs are the cuddliest and cute animal that anyone can keep in their home as their pet. When it comes to children, then they are the cutest and cuddliest human being that one can ever hold on their arm. It is true that during the childhood, both the children and dogs give a tremendous amount of tantrum, but those are manageable considering their cuteness, affection, and fondness towards us. We love to spend time with them, but is it possible to grow a child and a dog together? Well, let’s find out.

Children and dogs growing up together

Is having a pet dog right for your baby?

When it comes to dog and child, then obviously you won’t be able to decide who is closer to your heart. Both of them provide you a different amount of tantrum, but both of them also gives you a massive amount of pleasure too. But is having a dog as a pet in your home good for your baby! If you think no, then you need to carry on reading else read the benefits of having children and dogs together in your home; it may give you a different perspective.

Chaddi buddy – well, if you have children and dogs together, then it would indeed create a great bond between them. Dogs are friendly, and they show mother like affection whoever loves and cares for them. On the other hand, your child is getting smarter and bigger day by day. Like his parents, if the baby grows up seeing the puppy, then he would certainly consider him as a member of the house and become chaddi buddy soon.

Let your child be free – One of the significant benefits that you can enjoy if your grow children and dogs is that you can allow your child in his adolescence to walk around the home without any tension because the dog is there to help him out. During childhood, your child can roam around in the roads; because the dog will be there to take him home back if he’s lost. Thus having a dog along with a baby will allow your child to be free, and enhances his decision-making capabilities.

A friend with benefits – Having friends who can stand by our side irrespective of the situation is highly necessary. Well, if you have seen the movie 'Friends with benefits' and expecting that you or your child will get the same kind of advantage from your dog, then you are wrong. The dog you are growing up with your child may not be your bed partner but can become handy for your house, for your child and for you too. Chances of robbery, theft as well as child bullying will also get reduced in future if you grow your children and dogs together since your bay’s childhood.

Well, if you are still in a dilemma, whether you should have children and dogs together or have only one at a time, then give it a try. Have both of them and see the result on your own. Happy parenting!