5 Handy Hints About Dog-To-Dog Interaction

Just before introducing a new dog to the family, many at times dog lovers will be subjected to countless books and advises to ensure that they do it right the first time round. However reality is that one is never ready when it comes to the actual act. With bond and trust as the most important thing, transitioning the new dog to others in the family is vital from the onset. To avoid wasting time reading half of the stuff you will never use, here are 5 handy hints about handy hints about dog-to-dog interaction you can live by

Handy Hints About Dog-To-Dog Interaction

1. Be the leader

When it comes to ushering the dog home, t take the first step into the home before inviting the dog inside. This basically means no carrying the dog and other family members are not allowed to greet the dog at the door. Most importantly any other dog-to-dog interaction is done inside the home. By doing this it will know that it is not in command and should follow, as is required in the new home.

2. Find it a den

One of the most handy hints about dog-to-dog interaction and handling is giving new dogs their own space. This will go a long way to ensure that the dogs feel at home and do not become depressed from the new surroundings. In addition it will feel welcomed and happier in the long run.

3. Lay the boundaries

After the introductions in the home, a tour of the house should done. With other dogs in the home already knowing where they are allowed to go, show the new dog only the rooms that they are allowed to enter. Although in later days they will want to break this rule, let dog-to-dog interaction from the other dogs in the home be a guide by using them as an example.

4. Limit guests in the home

Do not allow visitors for at least a week. This cannot be stated enough especially when introducing a new dog into the family. With the strange faces all around, visitors will just confuse the dog on who is friend or foe. When finally introducing the most important guests in your home, do it one at a time and take time to explain to the dog just who the person is.

5. Train the dog again

Although most likely you already have a new trained dog in your home, training it again in your defined set of rules is important. This comes in handy as most dogs need a leader to behave and to be happy, and if they don't find one they misbehave as they take leader position. The best part about it is that it will soon learn whats acceptable and whats not, based on your guidance and dog-to-dog interaction with the others.