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Safe Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks

Safe Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks 2018 Edition

Fleas and ticks are parasites which suck blood from the host. Their infestation cause itching, allergy, skin inflammation, and secondary diseases. The infested pets scratch their skin a lot leading to bleeding and or anemia in severe cases . . .read more


Making Your Dog Understand Its Place In Your Family

A dog is the best pet you can have at home as it is the most loyal and friendly animal. There are plenty of breeds and types that you can choose from depending on your specific needs. Some just own them for purpose of guarding their homes or securing their property . . .read more

dog and kids

Children and dogs growing up together

It is a known fact that dogs were the first animal that was kept as a pet by a human; and why shouldn’t it be? Dogs are the cuddliest and cute animal that anyone can keep in their home as their pet. When it comes to children, then they are the cutest and cuddliest human being that one can ever hold on their arm . . .read more


5 Handy Hints About Dog-To-Dog Interaction

Just before introducing a new dog to the family, many at times dog lovers will be subjected to countless books and advises to ensure that they do it right the first time round. However reality is that one is never ready when it comes to the actual act . . .read more

Dog To Like Car Rides

How To Train Your Dog To Like Car Rides?

Dogs in most cases have been humans’ best pet. Actually they were the first animals that human beings ever domesticated. Most people have built some personal relationship with their dogs and become so attached to them that they would wish to take them along in their cars . . .read more